Orca Racing Indonesia

Orca Racing was built through Romy Sofyan’s sweat and persistence. Romy is a businessman with decades of experience in the automotive industry, especially in racing gear production, riding gear, workshop management and racing spareparts.

Romy started his racing business, then apparel production in 2009. He founded Orca Racing, a motorcycle spareparts supplier and shops in Bandung before expanded to apparel business. He started producing racing and riding gear under the brand of Orca Powergear a few years later.

Orca Racing produces racing apparel for motorcross, grasstrack and endurance race. We produce high quality jersey set (RS-1 and RS-Pro), gloves, helmets and official polo shirt for racing teams. We also produce lifestyle and casual apparel such as t-shirt, jackets, gloves and hats.

Orca Racing products, Orca Powergear has been tested in the toughest challenges faced by professional riders. In the last few years, Orca Racing has been actively involved as sponsors for some riders and major motocross, grass track and endurance race events in Indonesia. More than 30 Indonesian and foreign riders have been competed under Orca Racing sponsorship. Some of them have big names, such as Delvintor Alfarizi, Arsenio Algifari, Diva Ismayana.

For more than a decade in the apparel and riding gear business, Orca Racing never stop creating innovations to keep up the technology changes and accomodate customers needs. Orca Racing has extensive research team that consistently develop our products so we can give perfection to our customers. We only produce comfortable and formidable apparels that endure the hardest challenges in racing and adventure activities.

Orca Powergear are high quality racing apparel. We are as good as international renowned brands at affordable prices. Orca Powergear excell in comfort, endurance and designs. Orca Racing combine passion in racing, art and fashion in Orca Powergear cutting edge designs. Quality and excellent services are our main concern. Amicable services, speed and responsibility are Orca Racing’s main pillars in delivering our customer wants and needs. We keep the apparel quality and production process at the highest standard. We work with our suppliers and production teams in a timely schedule so that we can deliver the products to the customers right on time. Professionality becomes our first priority over price.

We only collaborate with professionals in our production process to ensure the products quality at it’s best. We have partners from Indonesia (Bandung) and abroad. Certain products like riding gear safety and some certain fabrics must be imported from other countries.

Orca Racing produces great products and create innovations. We work with high grade materials, state of the art production techniques, superb designs and even digital shops that can be reached within your fingers. Because, our customers trust is precious assets...

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