Adel is a young rider with international experience. He was born in Jakarta on 12 September 2001 and started learning to ride his peewee bike with his father in his backyard when he was 7. He started his racing debute a year later. He finished last position in his first race, but by that time he knew that racing is what he wants to do in his life. Adel joined a motocross school since then and won his first championship on a Junior Class in 2012.

Adel gained his international experience in Netherland when he trained and raced with John van den Berk in 2017. He trained with a group of MX GP riders in the tough and high intensity programs. During the weekend he competed in Netherland and Belgium National Championship. The hard work paid off, Adel won 4 podiums. “The psychal training, the motocross training, the diet, the traveling, the preparation, behind the scene and many other things. I finally understood what it takes to be a full professional and to compete on the highest level in the world.”

Adel went back to Indonesia the next year and won two Motocross Championship, the Supercross on the MX2 Class and defend his title last year. He is now racing with the Astra Honda Racing Team.

Nick Name : Adel
Date of birth : 12 September 2001
Birth place : Jakarta
Hometown : Karawang
Team : Astra Honda Racing Team


- 1st (3 times) - Indo Mx National Championship
- 1st - Indo SX Championship
- 2nd (2 times) - Belgium Open 125cc
- 5th (2 times) - Onk Dutch National 125cc

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