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Diva was born in Denpasar, Bali on 16 October 2000. He found his passion for racing from his brothers who joined the race when he was 4 year old. Diva’s family has always been his best supporting system who keeps him motivated. Especially his two brothers (Ade and Tria) who are always be with him at any situations. Pa Vicky, his mentor and coach, had always been his supporter and influenced him to become a great crosser.
Diva recorded his first international title at 17 year old. He won the 3 rd podium at the FIM Asia Motocross in 2017 Championship in Manila. While at the same year, he won the top position of the National Championship, Indonesia Supermoto Championship Open Pro. Diva is now racing with BaliMX Team. At 19 year old, he has won podiums and recognition in national, Asian championship and World Series in Indonesia, Kuwait, Australia, Manila. At 2019, Diva was the Champion of FIM Asia Supercross Championship.

Nick Name : Diva
Date of birth : 16 Oct 2000
Birth place : Denpasar
Hometown : Denpasar

Keys and motivation to be a great racer :
Motocross is a great sport of skill and it takes a great athlete to be a great rider. A good crosser is always driven to perform at a max. capability. You must be self motivated, they have to be hungry for the sport and always be motivated to go out there and keep on practicing. I motivated my self. I practice more, regular workout at the gym and eat healthy food. I try to always set new goals, focus on one goal “Winning every Race”.

Favorite Quote :
Work Hard till my Idol become a rival


3 Rd - FIM ASIA Motocross - 2017 Championship
1 st - Indonesia Supermoto Championship Open Pro - 2017 National Championship
Newcastle International Supermoto Championship - 2017 Australia Championshop
2 nd - Power Track & Supercross Indonesia - 2018 Championship
2ns - Indonesia Supermoto Championship - 2018 Championship
17 th - MX GP Semarang 1 st Serie - 2018 World Series
3rd - KUWAIT International Motocross Championship - 2019 Championshop.
1 st - PowerTrack R. 2, Cirebon - 2019 Championship
1 st - MX2 CHAMPION – ASIA Supercross Championship - 2019 Asian
2 nd - MX2 Class Indonesian Powertrack & Motocross Championship - 2019 Championship
1 st - FIM ASIA SUPERCROSS CHAMPIONSHIP - 2019 Asian Championship

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