● Before you place your order, please make sure the product first (either size, color, and bodyfit). You can ask any details of your order through our whatsapp.

● 90% of the product photos on this website are the same as the original product. There might be a color difference due to lighting while taking pictures.

● Every product on this website is available as long as it is not marked with “Out of Stock” sign. If the product is sold out or not restocked, you can ask the information about the product availability through email or you can directly contact our whatsapp for pre-order.
If we made a mistake such as: accidentally our customer ordered a product and the product is out of stock because of our negligence that we do not change the stock on the website and the customer has paid for the product, customer will be given the choice to choose another product or 100% refund.

● Every purchase whose status is packed or shipped cannot be canceled or exchanged with other products.

● Payment must be made within maximum 1x12 hours after order placed on this website. If customers has not made a payment within the allotted time, the transaction will be automatically cancelled, and the product will be returned to the system. We accept payments through transfers to BCA, Virtual Accounts for all banks, and OVO. After we receive payment from our customers, we will confirm the payment first then the order status will change to Payment Accepted maximum 4 hours on working days. After we confirm the payment from customers, we will deliver the product on the next day.

● Product will be shipped 1 day after order status changed into payment accepted on working days. Shipping expeditions are responsible for shipping goods after the product arrived and received by the expedition.
a. Shipping Cost
Shipping cost borne by the customer in accordance with the customer’s place and product’s weight that ordered by the customer.
b. Delivery Period
Shipping estimates in accordance with shipping estimates from the expedition depends on the expedition service from the customer.

● We only accept returns due to errors we made, such as wrong color or size. Beyond our errors, we do not accept returns.

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