The Drifter Series, Orca’s Latest Innovation for the Pros

Are you ready to go fast in style throughout your 2021 adventure?

Welcome our latest innovation, ORCA DRIFTER SERIES.

There’s always a blend of passion of racing and fashion in each of Orca’s product. We integrate bold design and high quality fabric in this newest Orca’s jersey set. The Orca Drifter Design is a perfect set for professional riders who want a composition of quality and great appearance in their adventure.

Orca Drifter Series raises Orca’s racing DNA in it’s Japanese version of the Orca logo, a dynamic racing font of Colo Pro. We produce the Drifter Series in two colour, red-blue and yelow-blue. This exclusive Orca Drifter Series is available by pre order now in both our stores in Tokopedia and Orca’s store in Bandung. Drop your Pre-Order in Tokopedia or Whatsapp +629112000578. Get the launching price, Rp 2.250.000.

The Orca Drifter Series is the ultimate series of Orca Ultima Trilogy 2021. The other two series are The Revival and The Trilogy. For our riders best look and good feeling, we always accomodate Orca riders’ personal preferences. The Revival and The Trilogy are available in 5 different colours and designs as shown in our catalog in Instagram, @orca_pg_catalog.

So, grab fast! Look good in the absolute Orca Drifter Series, ride and enjoy the good feeling along your adventure...

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